At the beginning, the security was not a prime factor in the networks and the schemes of security had a physical and administrative approach. As the use of the networks started to increase and become massive, and a lot of services started to be offered, the protection of the information and the networks gained a more important role. Because of the new threats, the need to develop automatic tools to protect the information and control the resources use rose. This way, intelligence was provided to the network, protecting it from several attacks to which it is exposed.

The security in networks covers all the mechanisms and technologies that are used to protect them from threats both external and internal. Today, a lot of sensitive information is transmitted and the networks have gained a very important role in people’s lives. A very important factor to achieve efficient and last generation networks is to rise the levels of availability and robustness.

The application of a security scheme is complex, and such scheme must be studied and designed using a layered approach, and mitigating the several attacks systematically. In Auben, we apply this type of approach to achieve safe and robust networks, which can be trusted. We commit to a continuous training to be able to offer the best solutions in the market.



Our services are integrated with multiple technologies. They are based on speed and efficiency, achieving high quality standards with optimized costs.

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