Routing consists in all the necessary mechanisms to direct routing information in the network and in the making of decisions about routing with this information. This way, routing allows one to offer the intelligence to locate the devices in the network and, as a function; it uses this information to determine which the best way and the best possible path to send information is, assuring that the information reaches its destination efficiently. 

By means of routing functions, the information about the location of devices and networks is exchanged. It also defines which is the best possible route to send traffic between to devices in the network. Routing offers intelligence to the transport network, choosing the best of all the alternatives. In order to do this, protocols and algorithms are created, which allow the exchange and distribution of information among the devices and the decision making for an optimal communication. 

In Auben, we understand that the network intelligence and its efficiency are based on their routing mechanisms. Because of this, we make an effort to apply all our knowledge to build robust, fast, efficient and scalable routing structures. 



Our services are integrated with multiple technologies. They are based on speed and efficiency, achieving high quality standards with optimized costs.

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