The Challenge

The exhaustion of IPv4 networks and the evolution of the services market of IPv6 are some of the reasons why the service providers are forced to use IP dual-stack (IPv4 and IPv6) schemes in their networks. This adaptation creates many advantages. Some of them are: more security, wide range of public addressing to assign to final users and the complete elimination of NAT. This way, the providers are faced to a new challenge, which consists in continuing offering IPv4 servies, overcoming the limitations such as the lack of experience with the IPv6 protocol, the limited training on this new technology and network production equipment which do not support IPv6, together with the incrising complexity of current networks.

The solution and the benefits

It is necessary to identify and plan the most suitable transition schemes for the provider, taking into account the kind of service that the company offers. With the implementation of standards such as DS-LITE, the migration or transition scenarios can be made simpler for ISPs, which offer mobile or massive internet services. When the services scheme is oriented to corporate VPNs, that involve IP/MPLS, schemes such as 6PE and 6VPE are used. This way, one must take into account that in network segments in which the evolution of an IPv6 can be slower, CG-NAT or Large Scale NAT with NAT44, NAT444 and NAT64 can be used to complete a dual-stack migration scenario and later, a full IPv6 in the provider's network.

Why Auben?

IPv6 allows a different world, in which new rules enable us to use safer and more scalable networks.  In Auben, we have specialized IPv6 engineers and the tools and services, which a dual-stack network migration process needs. We plan a migration which matches the client’s needs and requirements and we have a global picture of it, analyzing each one of the involved platforms. In case one of them does not support IPv6, we offer solutions which let us achieve the final goal in time. The migration is made in stages, focusing and having as a premise the network availability and lowering the services issues that might exist.



Our services are integrated with multiple technologies. They are based on speed and efficiency, achieving high quality standards with optimized costs.

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