The Challenge

Business nowadays demands more IT departments to create efficient connectivity environments. The convergence of phone services (mobile and fixed), video and data create the need of datacenters, with very demanding characteristics of ability as regards traffic managing, availability and scalability. There are a series of strategies to consider when one intends to implement or improve the infrastructure of datacenters. Some of them can cover the purchase of new devices (replacing the existent hardware), the reorganization to increase the use, the investment in management tools, the implementation of reduction and compression of the information schemes, the increase of the operative staff and the virtualization of devices. The objective is based on implementing datacenters with a simplified operation, which adapt to the complexity and speed of change and which guarantee the business continuity to the clients’ services.

The solution and the benefits

Simplified Datacenter operation: The simplified operation allows the datacenter administrators answer and adapt in the business needs in no time. The simplified operation comprises a phase which consists in simplifying the physical topology of the datacenter and involving automatic management and provisioning systems, which can reduce the falls by human error, visualize the statistics, analyze and control all the equipment centrally.

Virtualization and cloud computing: the virtualization technologies have reformulated the Datacenter environments. The virtualization of servers demands more services over the network’s infrastructure and demands the optimal traffic paths. The virtualization of multiple chassis provides a solution to the processing of shared resources in several servers, breaking the traditional pattern of making the information go though many network devices until it reaches its destination. The solution of switches gathered in virtual entities, which have a "Top-of-Rack" or "End-of-row" function, allow the physical organization of the Datacenters, making profit of the physical space, apart from giving connectivity to the servers systematically.

Security: There are important challenges as regards security, which rise from the complexity of current networks such as scattered users, multiple located architectures, new applications and attacks to security systems. The security of the Datacenters can be improved by incorporating systems capable of prevent, detect, answer and trace the attacks and threats in our network in order to contribute to the business development.

Business continuity: The datacenters represent the core of business. Because of this, a series of things have to be taken into account to give continuity to business and assure that the services are available even in the event of a disaster. Some of these important considerations are:

  • Analysis and understanding of the applications flow and their priorities.
  • Implementation of synchronization schemes between sites. 
  • Checking of redundancy schemes between faults.
  • Enabling of safe re-directing of traffic in the users.

Furthermore, it is necessary to have the hardware which provides redundancy at a physical level and the software to maintain the continuity of business in all the layers of the Datacenter. 

Why Auben?

The evolution of the telecommunication market has made us require robust Datacenters, which can manage great volumes of traffic. In Auben, we know the Datacenters market and the necessary practices in order to achieve a safe, scalable and highly available environment. Taking into account that the information there is very important, we manage prioritization levels and we know the most effective scheme in order to achieve the best architecture with the virtualization of servers. We understand and support the scheme which simplifies the operation of the Datacenter by means of the concentration of all the devices in a unique management interface. Like added value, we accompany the client in his training, offering workshops about the current technology of the Datacenter and its prompt evolution.



Our services are integrated with multiple technologies. They are based on speed and efficiency, achieving high quality standards with optimized costs.

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