The Challenge

The traffic of backbone networks grows at an accelerated rate, which makes the design strategies and capacity definitions two key elements for the implementation of this type of networks nowadays. The biggest challenge that the services providers are facing is the reduction of costs and the creation of new added value, which raises the offer to the final client. The traffic of the biggest networks is still based on SONET/SDH equipment. This technology has not experience any significant changes and it has only evolved in the ability to cover the high levels of traffic demand. Because of this, the IP/MPLS networks appear, gaining importance in a critic and demanding environment.

The solution and the benefits

Nowadays, the IP/MPLS networks have proven to be the most effective solution in backbone networks. They reduce the costs significantly because they can transport different types of traffic with the same technology. The MPLS networks, marked as LDP or BGP, are the de facto standard to offer VPN services, layer 2 and layer 3. If we combine the benefits of MPLS with the traffic engineering by means of RSVP, we obtain the possibility of defining alternative traffic paths in order to gain a more granular control of the traffic and to avoid the dependence on IGP, such as OSPF or ISIS. The use of technologies such as Fast reroute (FRR) makes it possible to reduce considerably the down time and recovery of the service in different network events, like the timing and mechanisms in the SDH networks. With the added QoS “Quality of the Service” on the traffic, we access the different traffic classifications and priorities, creating a reliable and highly available environment.

Why Auben?

By means of the IP/MPLS networks, the provider turns his network into a robust, scalable, safe and highly available solution. In it, the provider has all the control over the traffic and he can decide which the most suitable scheme for his services is. In Auben, we are known for our experience in the design and implementation of this type of networks. We know its best practices and strengths to take into account in order to strengthen the technology. We offer formal training, which adapts not only to IP/MPLS but also to its evolution in the market.




Our services are integrated with multiple technologies. They are based on speed and efficiency, achieving high quality standards with optimized costs.

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