Predictive Analysis

The predictive analysis contemplates the monitoring and the network operation in a determined time basis, with the aim of detecting and correcting causes, which could generate critical situations in the future. This service is essential since it avoids the high costs which imply acting reactively, i.e. solving the problems after they are generated. In Auben, we know that many of the flaws in the networks can be avoided. In order to do that, we apply all our knowledge, experience, quality and optimization philosophy to achieve a bigger, more stable and reliable network for our clients.

Highlights of this Service
- Flaws detection.
- Immediate correction of flaws.
- Recording of the network's functioning.
- Monitoring of the network in a given time limit.
- Analysis and correction of the daily launching procedures.




In Auben, we consider that the development of IP/MPLS, IPv6 networks is very important, together with Security and Datacenter, key solutions of a new era in technology.

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