24-7 Support

The 24-7 support is essential to improve the availability of the services, in which the incidents that may occur are solved as quickly and effectively as possible. In Auben, this service is divided into levels, according to the importance of the event and the degree of specialization needed to solve it. We offer remote or in-site assistance 24hs a day, 365 days a year, together with the monthly report on incidents and their resolution.

Highlights of this service
- Remote and in-site assistance.
- Monthly reports on incidents.
- 24hs assistance, 7 days of the week.
- Reports on improvements, which can help lower the incidents index.



On Demand Support

This service contemplates the (remote or in-site) participation of a group of engineers, who handle critical situations. These situations can be presented due to problems in previous design or implementation stages and they require a high level of experience (senior or superior) in order to be fixed. In Auben, we prioritize this service and we have a vast experience in this type of activities.

Highlights of this service
- Redesigns of networks.
- Remote and in-site assistance.
- Troubleshooting and resolution of critical problems.


Resident Engineer

The speed of technological improvement makes the client invest time and money in the development of new networks, on a par with the new services. Because of this, Auben offers the Resident Engineer service, who participates in the operation, implementation and post implementation of new equipment and network functionalities. With this service, we want the client to feel safe with the new changes and to quickly acquire the knowledge to operate his network. 

Highlights of the service
- Operation tasks.
- Knowledge transfer.
- Monthly record of developed tasks.
- Daily assistance of a specialist at the client's office.




In Auben, we consider that the development of IP/MPLS, IPv6 networks is very important, together with Security and Datacenter, key solutions of a new era in technology.

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