Network Survey and Analysis of Needs

We understand that every client has different experiences and different needs, which are determined by their own business plan. In addition, the constant technological evolution, together with the contribution of several technology providers, create a lack of control over the generated changes, which produces a lack of complete visibility of the network. In Auben Networks, we think it is essential that the client knows in detail his own infrastructure, both logical and physical, so that he discovers his current and future limitations. The service of Network Survey and Analysis of Needs is based on keeping a record, in low level, of the network details, from physical definitions to the protocols involved in each one of the sites. Together with this, an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the network is made, making suggestions which improve its efficiency and security. The final goal of this service is to discover and document paths to empower our clients to reach their maximum potential. 

Highlights of this service
- Analysis of strengths and weaknesses.
- Knowledge and record of the current physical and logical network.
- Description of the possible changes to be made, with their current and future advantages.




In Auben, we consider that the development of IP/MPLS, IPv6 networks is very important, together with Security and Datacenter, key solutions of a new era in technology.

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