High-Level Design and Low-Level Design

The design service is one of the fundamental pillars of the technological projects, in which better possible solutions are to be found, according to the budget and the needs of each company and their business vision. Always trying to improve and understanding the importance of this service, in Auben, we push this concept to the next level. We raise the value of the design when we apply our creativity, state of the art technology and vanguard knowledge, with the goal to empower our clients to reach their maximum technological potential. This search is based on the experience we have gained during the years and the passion we share for constant improvement.

Highlights of this service
- Use of the best market practices.
- Implementation plan/ Migration of solutions.
- Considerations to have into account in the implementation/migration, non-standard case studies.
- Realization of the Low-level design: detailed physical schema and logical schema of the solution to implement, taking every concept to the detail.
- Realization of the High-level design: global physical schema and logical schema of the solution to implement and its predominance among the other alternatives.




In Auben, we consider that the development of IP/MPLS, IPv6 networks is very important, together with Security and Datacenter, key solutions of a new era in technology.

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