The benefits of our services are based on our deep understanding of our clients. We consider their environment, daily duties, needs, concerns and aspirations.

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Experience and Certifications


We have gained a vast experience during the many years in the telecommunication market and we have obtained more than 30 certifications.

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Clients and Alliances


We work with Internet service providers, carriers and mayor corporations. We believe in the importance of making alliances with hardware and services providers, and we strengthen them, to provide the best solutions.

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We have vast experience in managing critical and complex situations


Our Values



We have more than 10 years of experience offering services to carriers, ISPs, hardware providers and market consultants in Latin-America.


We have the ability to fulfill our clients' needs, based on the processes that ensure successful projects.

Innovation and Creativity

In view of a highly competitive market, we use our knowledge to offer creative and innovative solutions, which make a difference and adapt to the clients' needs.


We are known for our ability to change and adapt to new market conditions, which ensures that the client will adapt to a constantly evolving and renewing environment. Thus, we achieve constant development.


We commit to the client, understanding all their needs and presenting proposals which match their expectations and possibilities. We make a long-term commitment by means of management of services and evolution of implemented solutions and their business process generating a sustainable future.

Know how

We are specialists with a proven track record on numerous successful projects in the Latin-American market. We have certifications in the different technologies and we feel compelled to train ourselves with a rigorous intern plan, in order to expand our knowledge every day and provide services and solutions with the highest standards in the market.


We combine economic, technical and environmental strategies to achieve business excellence, fulfilling the needs of our clients and working responsibly and sustainably.


We believe in global solutions and we strongly consider that multicultural environments generate enriching experiences in telecommunication projects. We have experience at an international level, which promotes the projects in which we participate.


We are a business which has professionals qualified to take the lead in technology projects, with the aim of improving our services significantly and sustainably. Our leadership is based on our experience and our technical, strategic and management knowledge, which promotes any project we lead.


We assume control of the projects actively, taking initiatives in the development of creative and bold actions in order to improve. We are ahead of the events in the market in order to favor our clients’ needs and to make them gain a privilege place today, and in the future.

Human Relations

We seek to encourage long term commercial relationships, based on the client’s trust and balance. We know that the networks are a technological tool which is essential for interpersonal communication and we understand the importance of the services we offer. This is why we make human relations our number one priority and we value them.


We encourage a collaborative working environment, where our client’s goals become our own goals. We work with the client in order to achieve the synergy which allows us to produce better solutions.



We accompany Juniper Networks in the deployment of Security, Datacenter, Service Provider and Enterprise projects in the Caribbean and Latin-American markets.