Internet Service Providers, Carriers and Mayor Corporations


  • We facilitate the access to best practices, using our knowledge and experience in Carriers and ISPs.
  • We reduce the CAPEX and OPEX of our clients, by means of continuous training. This assures that our specialists will have the necessary skills to provide optimal solutions to network problems and they will be able to carry out a proactive maintenance.
  • We automatize daily tasks, lowering the amount of available resources for the activity.
  • We identify the networks’ capacity and we improve the current infrastructure of the clients.
  • We offer solutions in the timing the market demands, since timing is a key competitive factor.
  • We improve the final clients’ experience, optimizing the development of services depending on their requirements.
  • We know when, where and how one must intervene in an expansion network.
  • We assume the KPIs and SLA compromise, granting the quality of service.
  • We detect the possible problems that might be presented in the network and we work to avoid them.
  • We increase our clients’ profit by prioritizing and differentiating the types of services by having in mind the final user profiles.
  • We help our clients in the continuous improvement of their networks, insisting on the availability, reliability, efficiency and robustness.

Hardware and Services Providers

  • We help in the hardware sales by offering our knowledge and professional services according to the different projects.
  • We find new opportunities through the services offered to the final clients.
  • We increase sales with the training on new technologies.
  • We improve the impression that the client receives from the supplier, because of the synergy between their products and our services.
  • We participate actively in the presale of hardware and services, creating more opportunities because of our knowledge and experience in the market.



Our services are integrated with multiple technologies. They are based on speed and efficiency, achieving high quality standards with optimized costs.

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In Auben, we consider that the development of IP/MPLS, IPv6 networks is very important, together with Security and Datacenter, key solutions of a new era in technology.

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