About Auben

Our Mission

We are a company which offers advanced telecommunication network services. We use our experience, creativity and innovation ability to create high quality solutions, taking our clients to their maximal technological potential.


Our Vision

We want to become key players in the telecommunication market, by offering vanguard solutions and giving priority to the creativity and innovation in the building of networks which connect people.



Deep inside our beings, in our essence, and printed in our DNA, lies the desire for communication. As nerve cells, that get hit by the indestructible momentum of ideas and reach each other until they find themselves reaedy to grow, is how Auben is born. A group of persons where ideas and communications are the impulse to evolve. We are the merge of this inner force, and the deep knowledge and understanding of advanced networking technologies that we want to share, aiming at creating bridges to achieve a better life.



Our services are integrated with multiple technologies. They are based on speed and efficiency, achieving high quality standards with optimized costs.

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